Tuesday, April 6, 2010

elephant needles, no hands and tom green st.

I'm scared of restaurants covered in Christmas lights year round, bright orange paint and/or donkeys and cacti.  I can't quite figure out what part of Mexican culture calls for colored Christmas lights in April or why that signifies good food. In searching for the best tacos in Austin, I have continuously faced a maze of bright and scary items.  This is my favorite....the picture doesn't do it justice...its' frightening and confusing and I may never know how good the food is due to my inability to navigate the maze of horror blocking the entrance.  I just don't get it.....

I found Alphabet City in Austin yesterday.  It has quickly become my favorite neighborhood...partially because it reminds me of Chapel Hill.  It's protected by historic standards so all of the houses are cutesy and bright colors, full of hippies and grad students....ok, maybe Carrboro rather than the CH.  I found a great apartment there today.  I decided to cruise the block to make sure it was worthy.  I was lost in a blissful world of windows down, sunroof open, Randy Travis, big trees and old houses when I turned down Avenue F and saw 3 guys with huge PostOffice Kid hair wearing tights (like the "i'm so hip i wear tights and if you don't get it you're obviously lame" kinda tights....not Brandon Montana I used to dance and think capri tights are ok tights).   I actually said out loud "sweet! freaks".....something about weirdos makes me feel right at home....maybe that's the "gala" in me. I instantly began planning my next tattoo of leaves and guns when I passed "Sideshow Tattoo".  Nothing like a circus freak reference to bring me back to reality.  I feel confident my sister named that shop and if she could, she would name all tattoo parlors something similar to keep me away.

I then started wondering why I was trying so hard to find a neighborhood that felt like NC....if I want to be in NC...why am I in Texas?  Who knows....I've been really homesick this week, so maybe this is making me feel more comfortable.  I love the apartment, so I better find a new job...tomorrow.  I'm becoming very accustomed to not working.  I even went to a movie theater...on purpose...by myself...AND watched an entire movie without napping.  That's so insane I can't really believe it happened.  In the last year I have not only watched several movies to completion...it's been on the first try!!  Maybe not having two jobs and making myself crazy "staying busy" actually has improved my state of being.   I'm quickly slipping to the other side of enjoying my free time.  Any day now I will find a sponsor....maybe it will be Luksusowa....if I can convince JT it's a health drink he can probably work that out.  I'll start with the card....see how it goes.

I passed a house with a large sign out front which read "give up, go bowling"....even better, The Dude lives in Hyde Park.  If you're going to use quotes to communicate always include The Dude.  Maybe I'll put "don't fuck with the jesus" on my front door.  And then....Elephant Acupuncture...that's just bad advertising....no one wants to associate a bunch of needles with the massive size of an elephant....or remember the experience cartoon elephant style.

Is someone who is well read and spouts out quotes related to every topic really intelligent?  Quotes are fun but that makes you less useful and more annoying than a Google search. That said, I was recently reminded that I am too hard on people.  I'm often told that I expect too much.  Maybe I do.  I just want people to BE who they are.  Don't work as a dietician when you don't eat and have fake boobs.  Don't flaunt your false intelligence by speaking in quotes.  Don't run a health food store if you are a "junk food junkie" and eat McDonald's for breakfast everyday.  Apparently I have a personality that can dominate, so people "fall into it".  I'm not even sure what that means, but it makes my mouth burn.  I just do and say what I want, without diliberately hurting anyone.  I'm sure I could add a little more fluff to my demeanor but I really don't want to....I don't like it when people use fluff with me, so why should I use it for them?  Everything is a choice.  There is always a way to be true to yourself and fit into a situation, IF you want or need to.  I've gone too far in the past, being totally self-defeating and so selfish that is was defeating.  I think I've found a useful balance.  Maybe it's a game, but it makes life more fun.  I'm glad that I know so many amazing people.  I am careful about who gets in....and certainly do not expect perfection.....just don't be a douche....own your life.  Everytime I start to wonder if I really am too harsh I think of three specific people.  They are my among my favorites...far from perfect...but not afraid of what they are in an unassuming, respectful, completely amazing manner.  The best moving away advice I heard was "don't take table scraps".  I might be harsh but I'm okay with that simply because my table is surrounded by amazing people.... even if all the chairs are in different states......who needs the rest?

I spent 10 long minutes being angry about Thumb Face spouting quotes to flaunt intelligence.  Way too long but a nice reminder of why leaving Chapel Hill wasn't a bad idea....I did see this today and I like it..... "love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe"

Yesterday I heard a Van Morrison song and I suddently missed beach music and shagging.  Who am I??? Since when is the old person shuffle a piece of nostalgia?  Maybe it's just the only dance I can actually do.

Tomorrow I have group date with a UNC grad who JT thinks is like me.  Pretty funny to have a group date for a girl who might be a friend and to do it while working out.....should be entertaining and hideous....pretty sure I'll have a numb face, blood sugar sneak attack just so she really knows what she is getting into.

I'm more attached to my angry text/brunch ring than ever before in a gay girl power kinda way....I'm semi-obsessed with Look Heart, No Hands too.....pretty sure those contradict one another......the song obsession is more about my renewed love for country.....Oh yeah, Broken Spoke is now number 12 on the entertainment list....thanks to 7th grade gym class I can line dance my ass off.

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