Sunday, March 28, 2010

maybe I could handle a 35 year old suit

Yesterday I spent 3 hours on the computer looking for things to do and then made a spreadsheet separating bars/restaurants, outside activities and indoor events....and I starred the ones Lisa will never do with me....(yeah, yeah, I need a job)..and I need some local buddies.....

I want to buy a kite...the weather just calls for it. I tried to see if kite racing really existed...did not find races but found the Zilker Park Kite was March 14th...sooo sad... but that gives me a year to master the art of flying my new badass kite (once I get one).  

I also decided that I am FOR REAL going to India this year. I'm shooting for next December. That is a good time with their weather and I'm going to call it a birthday present. I figure if I can up and move to another state without a job or any real money, I can make an India trip happen. Want to come???...I really want to go alone but am a little afraid of disappearing...either will be a curry filled fun time.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm early off, let's.....crap.......

yesterday this ....

led me to this....

I've been taking walks She's Come Undone style....well except that I go home at night.  The weather is beautiful and it's certainly calmed my nerves.  Thursday night I smuggled beer into the House of Health.  I am taking a much needed break from drinking to entertain myself....but Thursday a beer was needed.  Friday I woke up with swollen hands for the first time in a week.  Pretty sure I have some major circulation issues tied to alcohol....scary b/c of liver failure but they were also swollen after walking for an hour.......on a lighter note, my nose was not cold.

It's the weekend....I miss my friends.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Just another half please….um hefe grande

(i wrote this w/ squids buddies in mind...but decided the whole world needed to be involved)

It’s Thursday and just because I’m in another state doesn’t save you from my rants

Today was much better…..I learned/decided the following

I'm not sure I want to get married...for reals...i'm just going to become the female version of the coolest guy I know.....which basically just means Bender w/out the ticking clock

Going for a short neighborhood walk and accidentally finding a lake is awesome….doing it twice is badass or means I have no idea where I am…either way more fun than u-turns

For a girl who loves alone time...I need a lot of stimulation…if I drive around alone for an hour I find at least 10 things humorous and need to tell someone….today I drove past a place called “the spicy pickle” would you eat there?

I don’t know how to give myself a break…I have felt under stimulated and unchallenged since December…as SJ said “aside from the major life change”…after driving past three tattoo parlors I thought “if something crazy doesn’t happen soon I’m getting a tat of a gun and jumping out of a plane again”….then I remembered SJ’s words and how yesterday I thought I was going to puke all day…maybe I should recognize what I just did and cool-out....I often think of Kyle saying "shiny keys" when I do random stupid ADD's true...I need meds

Awesome translates, no matter what state you’re in…I talked w/ an old friend for an hour and decided I was still awesome, even if no one here knows it yet. Then I talked to a douche…he’s not awesome no matter what state I’m in

I found Mt. Bonnell and thought I was lost coming home….but found the Austin Museum of Art…which is beautiful, on the water and walking distance from my sister’s house…ahh warm and fuzzy again

In an effort to actually leave the house, I drove downtown and kinda knew where I was most of the time….then I was forced onto MLK---YES, I got nervous regardless of my ghetto Lexus status….then I realized I was on UT’s campus and there was a HUGE football stadium staring me in the face…campus was badass and complete with two frat-ish couples dressed like they are 50

Most of Austin is like Carrboro on steroids…which means, my bangs are too long and my deodorant works too well… jeans are surely not hip enough

A van full of rock star wannabies used to get me excited….now I want to throw eggs or bean filled tortillas at them…is that wrong?

I passed a white Mercedes and didn’t cringe thinking Thumb Face might be driving it….baby steps

I like this town today but really really really wanted to import my favorite people here…..

I don't believe in God...but if there is one, he made my sister and her husband for one another. JT is the most amazing person ever....and just as crazy and quirky as Lisa....still don't think I want to get married

I’m still unemployed but according to Time Magazine…Austin is the place to get a job…let’s hope!

Tomorrow I’m going to go figure out why the entire state of Florida thinks 7 elevens are so great….might just hang out and have a slurpee….if that isn’t enough excitement maybe I’ll be sending you all pictures of my new colt 45 tat….or I’ll jump trains.

I actually do want to train jump....that would be cool....wonder if my necklace w/ a 44 shell is hardcore enough to scare the other trainees (what are they called???)


Texas Rules of the Day

1. my GPS is dyslexic
2. I-35 is to be avoided no matter what time it is
3. my North Carolina brain does not understand access roads
4. Funyuns and Whopper's Robins Eggs don't help, they hurt
5. it can actually take an hour and a half to drive 30 miles if you throw in a billion U-turns
6. there is no such thing as a "quick trip" to wal-mart when you don't know where the F-anything is
7. if you hate people....don't move to a city
8. if I am going to serve stupid people food, I should have stayed at Squids where I at least knew what's up and could scare the newbies, instead of being a newbie
9. loud music solves all...even if the lyrics are in Spanish and the station is straight out of Mexico