Sunday, March 28, 2010

maybe I could handle a 35 year old suit

Yesterday I spent 3 hours on the computer looking for things to do and then made a spreadsheet separating bars/restaurants, outside activities and indoor events....and I starred the ones Lisa will never do with me....(yeah, yeah, I need a job)..and I need some local buddies.....

I want to buy a kite...the weather just calls for it. I tried to see if kite racing really existed...did not find races but found the Zilker Park Kite was March 14th...sooo sad... but that gives me a year to master the art of flying my new badass kite (once I get one).  

I also decided that I am FOR REAL going to India this year. I'm shooting for next December. That is a good time with their weather and I'm going to call it a birthday present. I figure if I can up and move to another state without a job or any real money, I can make an India trip happen. Want to come???...I really want to go alone but am a little afraid of disappearing...either will be a curry filled fun time.


  1. your sister is pimping you out on her blog..with a flattering picture i may add...

  2. sadly, that IS a good picture of would think Lisa just discovered a paleo-perfect calorie free version of peanut butter with her excitement levels over me being here.