Monday, October 25, 2010

if you could be a goldfish would you?  just hold your breathe and spin in circles all day?  why are so many people afraid to of change?

TX status update & Moo Jesus

1.  Football is huge....and it reminds me fondly of Waynesville
2.  Moo Jesus is real....don't get too excited Misty....I said MOO Jesus
3.  I get to see these two cheeseballs as much as I can stand

4.  I know Cindy Mason
5.  Kat G's kids have shown me great parenting can truly produce mini-awesome adults
6.  I am surrounded by people who won't let me stop at average
7.  I did this....

This is month has been full of self-maintenance.  I haven't been feeling energized or silly or like calling anyone....but all is good.  I love October.