Monday, April 26, 2010

cold spings in springs in the mountains

Today Lisa, a newly bald/badass JT and I went to Deep Eddy.  This was my first visit.  I don't really care for pools but I couldn't refuse the invitation because it's barely a mile from their/our house and it's an unknown Austin legend.  About 15 minutes into it, I was bored.  I have never been a pool person or a sunbather.  Deep Eddy is interesting and certainly better than the standard concrete pond.  I just don't like to bake, or sweat for no reason, or swim, or be hot.  I can handle it for about an hour, then I'm done.  I mentioned "now what" and Lisa said "sit in the shade and chill out" with a bit of a forceful tone, meaning...."shut up and let me turn into an African".  It is interesting that I can't just lay there but Lisa can.  In my mind Lisa is still the Bender sister who can't sit still and needs to run laps around the house.  That is still true most of the time.  I guess laying by the pool is considered an event, so she allows herself some down time....which I'm sure is much needed.  This led to me thinking about conversations I've had where I either said or thought..... "boring people get bored".   It's ok to know what you do or do not enjoy but it's not ok to continuously say you're bored.  At some point in my adulthood, I decided boredom was unacceptable. As my ramblings have mentioned, I truly entertain myself with everything I see.  That has not always been true.  The more I do, read and think, the more I am frustrated when someone continuously says they are bored.  I am in charge of my life, just as you are yours.  If you feel bored, fix it.  If you don't fix it, you will secure a nice, comfy spot in the "suck" file.  I know many people who accept ridiculousness because they are understimulated and just need something.  It is so frustrating to watch someone waste away because they are stuck in Shallowland and have no idea how to take control.  I'm glad I don't live there, even if  my world is harder sometimes.

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  1. Great POst Susan!! I have started noticing that anytime that I am "bored" its my own damn fault! Thanks for the reminder! I too went to deep eddy for some laps and sunbathing and it was heavenly:)