Friday, August 13, 2010

for Mrs. Tanner Clayton

So, when was the last time you met a new friend and thought "OMG, we are totally gonna be BFFs for like LIFE"?  Let's say maybe you hang out a couple of times and you're even more like..."OMG, OMG, OMG....we should totally hangout like totally like always!!!!"  Well...let's just say you would expect that "you" were maybe 13 and you bought the heart necklaces w/ two halves just like all the other 13 year old lost soles in your 7th grade class.

What about when you're older? Maybe in college, well hopefully in college, you found a new set of OMG friends....sparked by the bigger better version of yourself discovered from branching outside of your high school.  Perhaps discovering for the first time that you were able to make friends based on choosing people as friends rather than being stuck next to them in 3rd,5th & 7th period because there were only 20 people in the "I read past a 5th grade level in 10th grade" class.

So, what about now...the big, scary 30....real life?  If you're lucky, changes never stop, but I know that I am more MEEEE than ever before.  It's fun and obnoxious and fun.  I think I've almost accepted who I am and what I like and that it's really okay to like things other people don't, respectfully of course.  (that is the hardest part, since I'm so good at keeping my opinion private via my telltale facial expressions).  That whole process makes new friends easier but leaving old friends harder.  I have a continuous habit of making and keeping really ridiculously awesome friends.  It's not always easy and they are certainly hard to leave behind.

There is no bigger compliment than having a friend from NC send an email connect with someone in TX saying "you both are awesome, make sure you hang out".....ahhhh technology!!  I feel like I already have a community of awesome around me in TX..  That's pretty incredible considering I still haven't changed my license plate or phone number.  In my most conceded moments it makes me feel like perhaps I'm awesome.....but then again, we learned last in the last episode than I AM, in fact, full of myself!  (yes, yes, I know humility, trust me I have it....just not on paper).  I only trust that I am totally, OMG awesome, when I look around and see the people around me.

So the "i'm awesome" Six Flags rides is one of those psycho coasters where your feet hang free.  It's great, but scary and dangerous...but worth the line, at least twice.  This week I became extremely irritated with people, well maybe just one or two people in specific.  For the first time in awhile I was thinking..."wow, you really aren't smart......when did I sign up to be your life tutor? at least you PAY a life coach"  I used to feel that way quite often.  That's a terrible way to think and I have purposefully moved away from it.  But recently, I found myself beating my head against the dumb-wall and couldn't figure out why I was playing the game.  I know better!  So, back onto the "i'm awesome" free fall portion.  I don't need any more Vanilla Ice Songs in my know "that kid is like a Vanilla Ice song, fun at first, even more fun after a few drinks....sober you realize there is no artistic value to the song, but it's still fun so who cares....then, suddenly you can't escape it and even the first two beats make you angry because everything about it is annoying"  yeah, no thanks....I'm good at annoying myself, no help needed.

If you met someone and they were an OMG friend...then they referenced "Freaks"....would you still want them to be your neighbor...227 style??? Sadly, that reference confused me at first, but upon's perfect.  I want an OMG/227 island....I have too many friends who don't live close's hard being awesome :) Thank you times 8 billion-trillion to all of the people I can sit back and call amazing....and crave spending time with...the island is coming.......WATCH THIS!!!!!

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  1. wow - and again Jeremy is asking "WHAT WHAT WHAT?????" "why are you lauging" and I can only say....'my sister's blog - what is in that girl's head'.....thank it for sharing......