Thursday, May 6, 2010

maybe y'uns DO know how to be country

Yesterday I was thinking about my first visit to Austin.  Lisa had been here only a few months and was staying with my aunt in Round Rock.  I was accustomed to seeing her at least twice a week, so once my plane landed I pushed my way off, desperately trying to find Lisa, as if she was choking or something.  That thought was quickly lost in the country music playing in the was different.....but much better than the slot machines in LAS.  I walked outside to search for Lisa's new car, named by my father as "the lesbian mobile".  I had been thinking "HOW could she possibly have a car that I had not seen/approved of first?  And it's not white?? That's weird!!"  Little did I know she would soon pick out a husband without me helping with the decision.  (he's not really white either but I approve).  Leaving the airport, I was immediately smacked in the face with suffocating heat.  That pretty much set my terrible mood for the day.

Once I was in the "LM" overly excited Lisa, drove directly to Mt. Bonnell.  It was her first of many attempts to convince me that Austin was a great place.  It was definitely a "look, there are mountains here" attempt.  It was beautiful, but I was ultimately unimpressed.  It was too hot, I was wearing pants and had zero interest in letting Lisa convince me to move here.  The very next stop was The Oasis....she was REALLY trying.  The Oasis softened me a little...but I was still NEVER moving to Texas.

Fast forward six years, and Mt. Bonnell is my favorite outdoor spot.  Poaching a room allows me to live within walking distance.  The nooks of the cliff provide perfect hiding/reading spots with a great view.  My first time back as an Austin resident, I continuously felt like I was at Devil's Courthouse .  Devil's Courthouse was always one of my easy escapes in Waynesville.  I planned many world domination events there.  I guess looking over a cliff clears my mind...I love it.

Upon the recommendation of the long haired Sprout's clerk, who had seen my face on one too many Saturday nights....I found another slice of Waynesville in  It was terrible and awesome and terrible...just like NC truck stop biscuits and gravy.

I guess TX has more NC in it than just the Bender sisters.  I keep hoping to hear a local version of y'uns....but only so I can avoid saying it.


  1. You are hysterical and I am looking forward to working with you !

  2. Its hard to compete with Devils Courthouse and Graveyard Fields but it s good to hear TX is living up to WNC